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Virus Snowboard Tantalus II Evolution X

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The Virus Snowboard Tantalus II has a bit of allround characteristics which is really appreciated in softer snow conditions. But allround sounds little bit poor for a hightech board like the Tantalus is more like a Formula 1 car with rally tires. Its made for the aggressive dynamic rider who loves to carve on steep icy slopes! It is almost too aggressive and has extreme acceleration out of the turns! It has excellent ice grip and is extremely versatile. The optimum terrain of the Tantalus are hard to icy, steep slopes. It has a great range of turns and it performs superbly well in speed carving with turns; thanks to the Virus elliptical sidecut technology. If you are not a Worldcup racer and try to carve down steep slopes on a GS board you will kill yourself .... so get the Tantalus and show the others how it works!