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Virus Snowboard GS World Cup Titan

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The VIRUS Snowboard Worldcup GS 176 / 183 is the perfect tool for hard and fast GS carving and racing. All snowboards are the latest Evolution in Worldcup racing and can be custom fitted to the riders weight…just send us your weight with your order and get your full custom board. Born and proven at Worldcup races, now availlable for everybody! These boards give you maximum support in every snow condition. They are fast, very agile and with their ellyptical sidecut easy to manouver fron tight to wide turns. Get your advantage now…..get your secret weapon. No matter if you want to win the race or if you are just a weekend warrior! The Carbon Titan Version is the actual model used in EC and Worldcup racing all over the world but creates a lot of fun even for freecarving!