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Amplid Snowboard Creamer Split

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The backcountry is an unpredictable environment which hides changeable snow-conditions and challenging terrain around every corner. You won’t always ride Hollywood pillow lines and snow-laden spines; sometimes the reality is an icy traverse or a sketchy, wind-affected drop-in. But don’t despair, when conditions get tough, the Creamer Splitboard always proves its worth.

 Designed from time-earned experience, the Creamer Splitboard handles a broad range of conditions and excels in powder too. Its Directional Cruise Camber, Amplid’s snowboard freeride staple, combines precise camber with a broad, distinctive, early-rise nose. Edging down icy couloirs, it’s the Creamer’s restrained taper and dependable camber, which extends through the tail of the board, that allow every centimetre of effective edge to be exploited for secure, reliable edge-hold. Basalt Suspension Strips are there to take the edge off unwanted chatter.

 In touring mode, the Creamer Splitboard‘s underfoot camber distributes pressure evenly along each ski for consistent skin traction. Thanks to Its smooth nose cavity, breaking trail after a snowfall quickly becomes second natures.